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Recorded Thursday, May 6th 2:00-3:00PM Eastern



OI_Kerry_Headshot                                                         Mie

Kerry Farrelll                                                     Mike Bash

Eversight SVP, Sales & Customer Success                  Eversight VP, Customer Success
Kerry has over 20 years of experience in digital transformation in          Mike brings two decades of CPG and tech industry experience to his
Consumer Goods and Retail, managing and optimizing trade                  leadership of the Eversight Customer Success team. Prior to joining Eversight
promotions, direct story delivery, and retail execution.                             in 2015, Mike spent 15 years at Nielsen in numerous client leadership roles.

At Eversight, we're known for experimentation - but that's not the only trick up our sleeve. We've spent the last 8+ years working closely with industry leading CPG manufacturers to both uncover better performing promotions and develop the optimal way to bring those promotions to market.

In order to unlock truly transformative value for your business, we've learned that there is a clear best practice for delivering optimal promotions to your shoppers at scale:

 A holistic guidance program - creating, scaling, and distributing a clear set of guidance across your business

The majority of CPG manufacturers are already distributing promotional guidance to the field in some manner, but in most cases it's limited to a few key metrics like minimum promoted price and promotional frequency. This means that most teams are missing out on the transformational volume impact that a holistic promotional guidance program delivers.

In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Unpack what a holistic guidance program looks like
  • Examine results holistic guidance programs are delivering for industry-leading CPGs 
  • Learn best-in-class techniques for evolving your existing guidance
  • Understand how you can leverage Eversight to create, distribute, and manage meaningful guidance 

Eversight empowers your business with a strong system to identify and execute profitable deals that resonate with your shoppers through a process that rapidly scales recommendations to the field. We've seen brands leveraging the Eversight capability to achieve strong results like +23% sales lift and +53% unit lift for events that follow guidance!

With the right resources and focus, a holistic guidance program can drive significant volume and profitability. Join this webinar to get started on your journey toward transformative value.