Trade Spend is Inefficient, and CPGs Need a Solution

As an industry, we often hit ‘copy + paste’ on promotions year over year. As shoppers habituate to that repetition, and as market changes like inflation come into play, those offers simply don't pack the same punch they once did.

What if you could refresh your planning and restore the inherent value of your promotions? Good news - it's not magic. It's just science and foresight.

In this guide, we'll break down four key things you can do to combat inefficient trade spend and stop your offers from going stale:

  1. Consolidating decision-making authority
  2. Evaluating CPE
  3. Considering zero-based budgeting
  4. Thinking of digital as 'an RGM thing'

Download the guide and look beyond traditional promotions, typical trade promotion optimization (TPO) solutions, and post-event analysis, toward AI and real-world experimentation.