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Recorded Thursday, October 29th 2:00-3:00PM Eastern



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David Moran                                                John Russo

Eversight Co-Founder & Chairman                       Eversight VP Presales & Account Management
David has spent his career in Consumer Goods and Retail,            John has spent his career focused on assisting retailers with 
most recently as the global VP of Sales-Revenue                            Enterprise class technology solutions. John's past experience
Management for Anheuser-Busch InBev nv/sa. Earlier,                  includes leadership positions driving results across teams
David was a leader in McKinsey & Company's Consumer               focused on Software Engineering, Product Management, and
Pricing Practice.                                                                                      Sales with global companies like NCR, JDA, and NICE.

For brick and mortar retail, price and promotion optimization have long been rooted in historical regression. At Eversight, we recognized that AI-powered experimentation at the shelf-edge unlocks far superior performance and fuels continuous learning with real shoppers - especially during unprecedented, dynamic times. 

COVID-19 has only reinforced that leaning on history to predict the future is insufficient. Advances in computing power and AI now provide traditional retailers the ability to leverage physical store networks (and their omnichannel counterparts) as a powerful learning lab. Eversight harnesses this power in the form of automated, AI-powered experiments that quickly and continuously identify the price points and promotions that resonate with current shopper preferences, priorities, and habits.

Eversight's approach balances the power of AI-powered experimentation with the innate strengths of merchants and category managers, empowering the next generation of commerce through omni-proof solutions like:

  • Price Optimization
    Optimize frontline price via testing at the shelf
  • Promotion Optimization: Offer Innovation
    Optimize circular, loyalty, personalization, and omnichannel promotions via digital assets
  • Promotion Optimization: Programmatic Shelf Edge
    Optimize promotions via testing at shelf, immediately unlocking funds

This discussion focuses on who Eversight is, what we can do for your business, and how cutting edge retailers are leveraging Eversight to optimize and execute shifts in pricing and promotional strategy that drive results like 1-3% revenue growth and 2-5% profitability increase.