A Discussion with Kelly Rolader, Vice President, Revenue Growth Management at BIC 

Revenue Growth Management is so much more than price — it's the art and science of strategically growing a business. In a landscape where RGM is continuously evolving, deploying best practices that instill agility and adaptability are critical to successfully scaling growth.

In this webinar, Eversight sat down with Kelly Rolader, VP of RGM at BIC to talk through the evolution of RGM at BIC, raising the bar on commercial excellence, and how BIC has sharpened its RGM skillset for global markets. From prioritizing consumer-centric innovation to leveraging technological advancements, we unpacked BIC's best practices for a scalable path toward improving efficiency and driving robust revenue growth. Access the webinar for a master class from BIC on best practices for Revenue Growth Management in the US market and a blueprint for scaling to make a global impact.