What Was, What Is, What If - And What To Do Now

An experienced panel featuring Eversight VP of Customer Success Mike Bash and Senior CS Managers Jackie Shannon and Conor Finnegan explores observations and learnings from working closely with industry leading CPGs over the last 18 months.

Watch the webinar to hear the discussion:

  • Trends in shopper behavior observed by Eversight throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What consumers are doing now, which trends are holding, and which are already changing
  • Detecting and responding to changes in shopper behavior in real-time via experimentation
  • The new fundamentals of promotions and trade strategy
  • Next steps CPGs and retailers can take to be prepared for shifting shopper behavior
Don't miss this intimate discussion with Eversight leaders as they unpack some of the greatest pivots observed in the industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.